Retro Design

Mid-Century furniture "Must haves"

One of the key philosophies of mid-century style is that her goal has always been to create an interior that will encourage socializing and conversation, playful patterns and colors she wanted to avoid formality and achieve a more fun and relaxed environment, an interior where you should feel welcome. These are some of the must have pieces without which no Mid-century interior is complete


Retro armchair

 A kind of icon of this style is certainly the retro armchair, there is still certainly a version of the armchair from this era hiding in your garages and waiting for some better times. Armchairs are specific for their sloping often conical wooden legs whose shape is inspired by nature. The retro armchair is also a great accent in the interior because its shape and design really take it to a new level.



Retro coffee table

 No living room is complete without a coffee table, and when it is stylishly connected with another piece of furniture, the complete interior looks more harmonious. Retro tables are also specific for sloping conical legs and are most often made of solid wood, often asymmetrical plate shapes such as the classic Guitar pick table named after its shape reminiscent of a pick



 Sets of armchairs and stools

 To be able to fully relax and lift your legs after a hard day's work, an armchair complete with a stool in the same style is a great addition to your interior. They are available in multiple fabrics and wood decors



Playful shapes and colors

 This relaxed style is also specific for the playful colors and shapes that can be present from textiles such as armchair upholstery, decorative pillows, carpets all the way to wallpapers that, if combined well, can look really great.