Retro Design

Top 5 trends in interior design in 2022.

If you do not know in which direction to go when decorating and you want to be in the market, we have prepared the top 5 trends in interior design in 2022

1. One with nature

The year 2022 will be marked by airy and bright interiors with many elements of solid wood, natural fabrics such as linen and various types of natural stone. In addition to materials, the shape and form of furniture will also follow shapes from nature. Artificial materials like chipboard, plastic and plasticized pieces are being forgotten. We also bring more plants into the interiors to complete the overall impression.


2. Retro style (back 70s)

Retro furniture with its organic shape often resembles shapes from nature and harmoniously fits into almost any interior, we meet more and more playful shapes and colors from the 70s. A retro armchair is one statement piece of furniture that combines function and style in the best possible way.




3. Sustainable choices

The "buy once, but with quality" approach is becoming more and more common, we are becoming more and more aware of consumption and our choices when purchasing furniture for our interior and other things. Renovating old pieces is the most sustainable way to incorporate something new into our interior and best of all is that such a piece of furniture has a story.



4. Maximize

This somewhat challenging style is certainly not easy to implement, a lot of colors and incompatible patterns are not to everyone's taste, if a person this style of decoration would definitely be someone with a distinctive and daring character.

With maximalism, it is important to take small steps, it is best to start with just one room such as the living room, for a start it is easiest to start with a gallery of colorful prints or photos on the wall, wallpaper or a luxurious chandelier


5. Minimalism

Contrasting maximalism, this style never goes into oblivion, minimalism is eternally present in some form, in 2022 it will be replaced by slightly softer shapes and warmer colors instead of past sharp shapes and gray tones